A wonderful week in the Cloud Forest by Celina Perez-Beck

I’m Celina Perez Beck, a volunteer of Live the Forest. I spent a week in the community El Malton together with Anggie Escalante and Paola Zambrano, also volunteers, working with the people there, mostly with the kids. When we arrived to the community everybody was so welcoming that it made me feel that I was part of them.

We went to the school every morning to work with the children. We did activities like the Tree of Life, where every kid wrote its own pledge and commitment with the environment in a leaf forming a tree with all of them together. We also did the Cloud of Dreams where each of them writes their dreams in a cloud forming the sky.

They all worked great with us, from the youngest one to the oldest one in a single class. They were all so greatfull and glad to have us there, and that made us really happy.
One night we organized the screening of a film for all the people of the community. This activity was meant to involve youth from the area to know more aout their interests. It was not that successful because the film was about nature and I think they expected something else, but we still had a great time. The good thing is that the gathering attractes all the youth from the community! It was a pleasure to know that they are open to doing activities like this all together organized from people like us.

We also asked teenagers if they were interested in having courses to learn other things for them at the community since they don’t have that kind of education there, and it was so good to know that they do want to learn. They asked for computer and English courses.
I want to thank everybody from El Malton for making my week a great experience for me, and especially to the teacher of the school, Glenda, and her family for letting me stay at their home the hole week and for treating me like I was really special.

Getting ready for the Web of Life World Tour: Ecuador

Well, time is running and we are only few weeks away from the big events with the Communities. There are many good news i want to share with you. First, Live the Forest project has two wonderful volunteers. One of them is, Celina Perez-Beck, she came directly from Argentina to help the with the cause!!! and the second one is Carlos Cabeza de Vaca, a young graphic designer from Quito that is designing the logo! Good news doesn’t finish there, we will be producing some re-usable bags and small backpacks with photos from Centro Jambatu to sell them in Quito and get funding for the project!!!!

Next step?? the big event! The Otonga Foundation has been organizing a yearly party to integrate the communities surrounding the reserve. The aim of this event is to present to the communities the result of the Foundation’s activities as well as connect people with each other and give awards to the best students from the schools. Children in such communities have to walk up to three hours to reach the school so the “award” they receive could range from a donkeys, a Vicuña or a horse so they can get easily to school and they feel motivated to finish primary school at least. This year, the name of the event will be: the Web of Life World Tour: Ecuador, or in spanish “La Red de la Vida”. It will take place in the community called “El Maltón”. It will be a full day community event including and eco-fair where community members will show the artisanal products they produce, children from the schools will show their traditional dances and a The Council of All Beings theatre performance and many more surprises!!!

I hope you all can cme to the event and collaborate with the cause!!

Keep reading for more updates!!!