Meeting LAC fellows

It has been a long time since my last blog post…here I am again….keeping up Vivamos el Bosque 🙂

The Do School program, ¨Engage in Conservation¨ has officially ended this year, but the initiative of protecting the Otonga Cloud Forest is still up and running. Some news about my favorite place in the world coming soon 🙂
I´ve now become an alumni of the DO school,  and with my fellow Diego from Chile we were selected as ambassadors for Latin America. yeyyyy!!! what does that mean? 😉 Diego-CaroWell, we are planning an Alumni meet-up in Latin America in fall next year and hope to organize a Challenge 2.0. The isea is that all participating Alumni from LAC,  with their multidisciplinary backgrounds and ventures, will work on a challenge to create an impact in the region. Keep an eye on this coming meet up! Any ideas from you…are more than welcome 🙂

Beside that I was lucky to meet Lucia from Perú and learn about her great initiative Willakuni. willakuni A social and artistic project that work with women affected by political violence in Peru. I hope to visit her soon again!! Here a picture of both …

Lucia Caro

Next steps of Vivamos el bosque?? well I am first finally translating my blog into spanish and sharing with you news and exciting interviews from some good friends of the Otonga Forest….People who has been following and supporting the initiative want to learn more about Otonga, its people and friends.  Some of the questions I´ve been asked and will try to answer on my next blogs:  what do people who love Otonga think and feel about this forest? why is such an interesting place for so many people? Keep checking my blog… news, histories, interviews and guest blog posts coming soon!

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