The courage to go at your own pace…

Life goes soooo fast sometimes, that I decided to take some time off  and explore… Not a holiday, not a break from work but an opportunity to find the courage to go at my own pace. My journey started with some homie adventures with my brothers. Biking, hiking and moutainering in the Andes of Ecuador just set the tone for a great adventure. Funny enough all 3 in our own sabbaticals and explorations shared a beautiful Shamanic drum meditation before leaving <3.


Quilotoa Volcano – Ecuador




Rumiñahui Volcano-Ecuador







I then spent some good time doing yoga, volunteering, biking and walking at the beach in Portugal, went skiing and beer/wine testing in Czech Republic (yes! white wine is pretty good in CZ) and finished helping prepare soil in a lovely permaculture project in the UK.


Jablonec-Czech Republic

I am back in Ecuador now, full of energy and  joy and want to share the 5 things I learned from my 6 months Sabbatical ..

  1. You are not the only one wanting to slow down and take life easier, and more important you are not crazy or irresponsible for wanting to do it. The more you travel and meet people the more you realise that a LOT of people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s… from all over, with all sort of motivations and life journeys use a sabbatical to slow down and bounce back better in whichever their path is.
  2.  A sabbatical allows you to crystallise and put your ideas together. Depending on how you plan your activities, you might end up having a lot of time with and for yourself, thinking maybe,  or NOT thinking at all.

    Praia São Julião-Portugal

    In my case, having a lot of time outdoors, hands-on activities, looong deep silent moments helped me be honest with myself and reminded me that nature, sports, healthy food and people is pretty much all I need to feel happy, creative and energetic. … as easy as that.


3. Volunteer volunteer and volunteer! Travel with a purpose if you can, it is incredible how reguarding “selfless jobs”  can be and how important is to leave a positive impact wherever we go.  Your skills are valued, needed and maybe can’t be afforded by some the most inspiring people and initiatives. In some cases you can exchange your expertise for food and accommodation which could make your journey more affordable as well.


“Behind every successful woman there is a tribe of other successful woman having her back”

4. Meet Like-minded people doing what you love!  It might seem obvious and intuitive but if you go to places  and engage in activities that make you smile… you will meet people with your same interests and ideals.  Surround yourself with people that inspire you, support you, respect you and nourish your life…find those whose weirdness is compatible with yours!

5. Visit and grow your global community as often as you can– Finally, it was overwhelming for me to realise how big, welcoming and loving is my global network of new and old friends, family, colleagues everywhere I went. So many laughs, hugs, walks, wines, talks, silences, adventures…so much love! THANK YOU to all who made my trip  an unforgettable experience  and from now on I will take life just as it is, live it at my own pace and keep exploring! 😉






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