Engage in Conservation

The “Engage in Conservation Project” is a DO-School one year intercultural and educational experience in two phases. During the Challenge Phase, 12 fellows from all around the world and I came together in the European Green Capital of 2011 during the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity 2011-20 to explore how to engage young people around topics of biodiversity and conservation.

We worked together on a project under the guidance of Jane Goodall and went through a skills and values based start-up training. During this phase we spent time with experts on teaching, learning and communication methodologies about biodiversity and sustainability issues.

Here some short videos that can give you an idea of the skills we learned during the project

During this phase we organized the “The Web Of Life World Tour: Hamburg” to share our findings from collaborating at the Do School (D&F Academy) and reflect on our experiences in our home countries while engaging in an open exchange with guests from our host city Hamburg. We aimed to raise questions about the nature of the Web of Life and what can be done to preserve and restore it. The event took place on the 23th of March 2012 and the program offered a variety of activities to engage guests, providing a space to discover our projects being carried out worldwide. An interactive exhibition provided a framework for many conversations and allowed guests to experience interconnections that exist between living and man-made things.

Guests learned about the each of the 13 Fellows, the state of biodiversity in our countries and the social ventures we planned at the D&F Academy and are currently implementing in our home countries.

Then, guests had the chance to experience the unique ambiance created by the theatrical performance of the Council of All Beings, which was hosted by our special guest Monica Lieschke, Director of the Jane Goodall Institute Germany.

The evening ended with a special highlight, the screening of the documentary Jane’s Journey, followed by a discussion with the film’s director Lorenz Knauer.

It was an unforgettable night! 😉

Here, a short video of the event!


Together we joined hands to make the world a better place for all living creatures and future generations! Here a short video of our Tree of Pledges!

We made our pledges! Now go and make yours!

The second phase is the implementation phase (01.04.2012 – 27.01.2013). During this phase, we implemented our social ventures in our respective home countries, supported by an online learning program and coached by the DO School staff and external experts. My venture is called “Live the Forest” or “Vivamos el Bosque” in spanish, an environmental education and social entrepreneurship program in Ecuador. If you want to know more about it, keep checking out my blog 😉

One thought on “Engage in Conservation

  1. Lorenz Knauer says:

    we are thrilled to see what you are doing and we will do what we can to support your project! It’s such a beautiful example of how the “grass roots” approach of “Roots&Shoots” really works to change things!!!
    All the best from your
    JGI-Germany team!

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