Get engaged

How can you contribute?

We are constantly looking for new creative ways for you to get engaged and contribute with “Vivamos el Bosque”, keep an eye on this section!

1) You can contribute today by spreading the word about our initiative and giving us your input! All your ideas are more than welcome!

2) You can also make in-kind dondations and financial contributions:

From Ecuador please make a deposit or a tranference to:

Beneficiario: Fundación Otonga
Banco: Banco del Pichincha
Número de Cuenta: 3076609904
Tipo de cuenta: corriente
Ruc: 1791701119001

You can contribute with the project buying a nice wristband like this one! For just 1 USD$. Contact me!

From abroad: please make your donation to:

Fundación Otonga (Quito, Ecuador).
Account number: 3076609904 Banco Pichincha

SWIF number: PICHECEQ 500
Address of the bank: González Suárez y Coruña Edificio Banco Pichincha, 5to piso Quito, Ecuador phone: (593-2) 2504 005 ext. 162316

Please feel free to suggest ways you would like to get engaged and contribute. I am sure that with your support we will make it work!!!

Please inform us about your donation at:

Thank you for your interest!

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